Registered on June 7th 2002

...and is still registered - Registration Expiration Date is 2018-07-07.

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Having owned since 2002, I'm moving on to other projects and would like to sell it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an interest in this domain name.

Possible reasons to buy domain name

Easy to remember

The domain name is short and sweet, which makes it so easy to remember.

Web Services?

One cool suggestion is this domain name could be used for Gemmas Web Services or perhaps Gemmas Web Site etc.etc.


Using a Girls name for a web site is becoming very popular especially if a parent or relative would like to make an unusual and cool gift. Female name domains are becoming very rare as more and more names are being taken up.

My Reasons For Selling

Many years ago, when buying domain names was not as popular as it is today, finding and registering your favourite domain name was relatively easy.

However, today the domain name you would like to register has more often than not already been registered. Many by people who do it now as an investment so they can make a big profit when they resell.

My 2 domains were for me to use in projects that I no longer have any interest in and so they are for sale to anyone who makes me an offer I can't refuse.

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